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Almost two years ago, I took a Leap of faith, a step towards a new dimension of my relationship with myself, I said "yes!" to self care and self love, and my own health and vitality, I set in motion some powerful patterns. I have outgrown my old skin, I have worked on the inside and the outside of by being, I have helped my friends and family address their own health and I have stepped into a role I have only ever dreamed of. I have worked in service of others since I was 14, I always wanted to serve, to help, to work for the betterment of the world, to learn and grow. It is only in this last year that my dreams of helping people and working for myself, while being the healthiest I have been in 15 years has been realized.
As a new layer unfolds, the possibilities are endless. I'm honored to be working in service of others as well as myself.
If creating better health, cleansing, training, working out, losing weight, creating healthy sleep patterns or reversing the signs of aging is something you have been wanting to do for yourself, now is the time to join me and have your healthiest year yet! Let's connect, I look forward to supporting you in reaching and surpassing your dreams!
Sincerely, Leah Hunt at the Healthy Vessel Team!

Next Step...

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